Hunting season


Game hunting season in Zelendvor:

pheasant 01.09. 31.03.
grey partridge 01.09. 31.03.
chukar 01.10. 31.03.
coturnix quail 01.08. 14.11.
bob white quail 01.08. 31.03.
woodcock 16.10. 28.02.
snipe 01.10. 31.01.
wood pigeon 01.08. 31.01.
wild goose 01.11. 31.01.
mallard 01.09. 31.01.
coot 01.09. 31.01.
brown hare 01.10. 15.01.
badger 01.08. 30.11.
wild cat 01.11. 31.01.

All season:
least weasel, pine martin, rabbit, stone marten, fox, polecat, rook, hooded crow, jackdaw, magpie, jay

Game that isn’t listed can be hunted throughout the year, except when laying eggs, expecting or feeding young or when accompanied by young. It is strictly forbidden to kill protected game or use illegal practices while hunting.

Hunters are always responsible for not respecting legal regulations, so we ask all hunters to respect regulations and all security measures while hunting. Field master who invites hunters is responsible for them and must ensure that they all have the appropriate documents and authorisation to hunt in accordance with Croatian legal regulations.

Hunters must clear up any contentious issues with the administration office before hunting begins.

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