Guns & ammunition

Guns & ammunition

Hunter can bring from 1-3 own guns or documents giving them the right to use rented guns for hunting. Hunters need to have permission for handling guns. The use of twin-charged semi-automatic guns is permitted. All guns and ammunition must be in accordance with hunting rules and ethic. Hunting gun is charged when hunter has his own place at self hunting or after sound signal in group hunting. After finishing self hunting or signal to finish group hunting guns must be unloaded. Gun barrels must be always directed in the air. If there is poor weather condition and reduced visibility it is not allowed to start gun hunting.

When shooting small game, hunters can use weapons with smooth barrels and bullets while respecting the following regulations:

red leg partridge, grey partridge, woodcock, wood pigeon, bob white quail, coturnix quail, rook, magpie, jay, jackdaw, rabbit 1,7 – 3,5 mm 35 m
pheasant, wild duck, pine marten, weasel, skunk, coot, hooded crow 3,0 – 3,5 mm 40 m
brown hare, wild goose, wild cat 3,0 – 4,0 mm 50 m

The shooting of fox, wild cat, badger, hooded crow, crow, magpie and jay with guns that have grooved barrels of the smallest calibre .22 rifles is permitted. Wounded game can be shot at from a greater distance than allowed. Our hunters must check the ammunition used by visiting hunters at Zelendvor and are authorized to stop the hunt if hunters are not using permitted weapons and ammunition.

Shooting gallery

In Zelendvor forest there is also a modern shooting gallery where our guests can test their hunting skills in disciplines called ‘trap’, ‘skeet’ and hunting ‘parkur’. Shooting gallery for hunting ‘parkur’ is the only one of this kind in Croatia. Hunting ‘parkur’ is an extremely interesting discipline where hunters shoot on clay pigeons which imitate twelve species of game, such as coturnix quail, bob white quail, wood pigeon, jay, coot, mallard, grey partridge, chukarpheasants and brown hare.

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