Animals for hunt

Animals for hunt

Hunting dogs

Small game hunt can’t start without at least one dog on six hunters. Each hunter can bring his own dog if dog have a health booklet which proves that he has been vaccinated against rabies. If hunters wish to bring a young dog for training, the administration office must be notified. Hunters can hunt alone with two of their own dogs or in a group of six hunters with at least three dogs. Falconry can be practiced only if there is one dog on five falconers. In falconry is possible that every falconer has his own dog because most falconry birds are connected with one specific dog. If dogs are not disciplined while hunting, our field master can stop the hunt. Use of coursing dogs is not allowed.


Zelendvor is one of the best places in this part of Europe where you can practice falconry in excellent countryside on great game. Falconry is permitted in accordance with Croatian law. Croatian falconers must have passed hunting exam and falconry exam. Foreign falconers must have permits according to country from where they are coming from. Falconers can hunt with birds of prey if they have the necessary documents and authorisation for the bird. Only birds of prey from captive breeding are allowed to be used for falconry. Hunting with birds of prey is only possible if at least one bird-dogs or spaniel for every five falconers is insured.

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